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Welcome to Vero Beach Capoeira Abada.  We have been training and sharing the benefits of Capoeira with Vero Beach for over five years.  Vero Beach Capoeira Abada is led by instructor Xodo, who has trained in Abada Capoeira for over 25 years. 

Joao Batista dos Santos, aslo known as Xodo, was born on June 19, 1954 in a small rural town of Minas Gerais.  Born into a large family his parents, Leonidio and Maria Silva, had nine children.

At the early age of seven, Xodo began working hard to support his family.  Life on the farm was not easy, but Xodo knew that one day he would turn his fate around.  He knew that life had bigger plans in store for him.  So in 1972, right after he turned 18, Xodo decided to leave his hometown for the first time ever in search of better opportunities.  This is how he found his way to the beautiful city of Angre dos Reis in the state of Rio de Janeiro.  In Angra, Xodo had his first encounter with the art of Capoeira.

Xodo always had an interest in Capoeira.  Every time he saw a Roda, he would spend hours watching them play in the streets.  It wasn't until August 28th, 1984, however, that he actually began playing.  It was a certain Batizado held in Angra containing many of today's great athleats that truly inspired him to become a part of the martial art.

He began training with Professor Marcao where after his first Batizado he had the honor to be babtized by none other than Mestre Camisa himself.  A couple years later, Professor Marcao was no longer able to give classes due to medical reasons.  This is when Professor Arisco took charge in representing Abada in Angra dos Reis.  Although times where challenging, Prof. Marcao kept reminding them that the berimbau must continue playing and Capoeira must not stop.

In the following years, as Xodo gained more and more experience, he began his own classes.  After 13 years teaching in Angra dos Reis and traveling to various Batizados all over Brazil, Xodo was given the opportunity to come to the United States.  On september 6, 2006, he began teaching in Vero Beach, Florida.

Capoeira is and always has been extremely important in Xodo's life.  Capoeira has opened the doors to the world and given him endless possibilities.  This boy who started in a small town is now living his dream.  He knows that none of this would be possible without God guiding his way, and the support of Mestre Camisa, Professor Marcao, Professor Arisco and most importantly his family.

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